Fairness Eating and Gluten Free

Fairness Eating

I have always been committed to “Fairness Eating.” There is enough food in the world to feed everyone its just that some of us eat more than our share by eating richly and too much. In many cultures meat is a specialty used for celebrations and not the mainstay of every meal. When you eat a cow you are not just eating the cow but the grain the cow ate – that equals two meals.

My recipes use meat as an ingredient but rarely as the centre of the dish. My recipes also don’t use xanthan gum, I just have never used it and admit that with out any medical basis I am suspicious of it, though I think a good google search will highlight some negatives of xanthan gum to our health.

In the 70’s and 80’s many western young people ditched 3 veg and meat and discovered legumes and zucchinis and fairness eating became a way of being. This is the food I bought my kids up on. I even told them that this little piggy had lentil curry and once – and they will never let me forget that once I tried to make them apricot tofu because they loved apricot chicken.

Why most of the recipes are gluten free

Because my daughters get fed up of the bad gluten free foods on the market, the bread that tastes like cake, the pizza doughs that are like rubber many of my recipes have been created to provide them with tasty gluten free alternatives to foods they miss.

But really, what I am sharing with you is our family recipes that we eat week in week out. The recipes we laugh and gossip over together. All these recipes can be made using normal wheat based flour.

As soon as my youngest child started eating solids she began vomiting, having stomach cramps and looking pale and sickly. I took her to the doctors regularly and they reassured me with “some kids are just like that”.

Yeah Right.

I had four other kids and none of them had vomited three or four times a week every week. I had plenty of friends with kids and those kids weren’t chuck up machines.

It wasn’t until my daughter was eight years of age that we finally got a diagnoses for Coeliac disease. With in days of removing gluten from her diet she became a different child, she was sparky, with rosy cheeks, bright eyes, she was bouncy and there was no more vomiting.

My other daughter realised she was also sensitive to wheat as was I.

With two of five kids needing a gluten free diet it just became easier for the entire family to go gluten free. This way we could avoid the cooking of two meals each night.


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elizabethAfox Fine Art

Fine Art, Contemporary Painting by Elizabeth A Fox

Maryanne Coutts

Drawing Time

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