About Me

A Bio: About me –

I’m a mother of 5 and of course they are all amazing

I love Gin and Tonic with a dash of bitters and lemon juice

I love sushi and good TV on DVD without the ads

I love men wiht longish hair – think Aragon not Gandalf

I love my husband who of course is fantastic, makes me a pot of tea every morning and has longish hair

I love my family and friends and my wonderful daughters in law

I worry too much – like way too much – about everything

I don’t exercise enough – it’s sooooo boring

I have written the following books which are available in paperback, iBooks and kindle

  • Sunday Best
  • After Before Time
  • The Art Of Preserving Love – out 2018

I got started in writing after being a winner of the Varuna HarperCollins Manuscript Award

I love No Quarter by Plant (Love his hair) and Page

I would love to meet Wes Anderson (DH Lawrence is not available)

I love the films The Piano and anything by Wes Anderson

I love Gary Moores sweet guitar